Welcome to Healing Journey Health Consulting, with Andrea Schlupp.

I’m andrea sailingglad you are here.

I love to guide people who are on a journey of self discovery and exploration.  I am walking on this path myself for several decades, and I would be very happy to accompany you with all the tools I learned on the way.

As a trained animal communicator, I can also help you get to know your companion animal much better, and assist with health, behaviour and end-of-life issues.

Here is some of what I can offer:

  • animal communication
  • energy healing
  • energy readings
  • vibrational medicine, flower essences and homeopathy
  • shamanic healing
  • mediumship

I am also a registered nurse for 30 years, and I feel passionate about bridging western medicine with alternative approached to health and healing.

If any of this interests you, please contact me:

email:  andreaschlupp@yahoo.ca

Phone: 867-336-0990

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